Thinking things through

I could be better at thinking.

I’m a pretty simple guy (keep your comments to yourself) and naturally take things at face value. This of course has its draw backs in that not many things in life are as simple or straight forward as they may seem to be – and so I want to be better at thinking about things and reflecting on the things that I see, read and think about. This is increasingly an important thing for us as Christians to do as we seek to understand and engage with the world around us – and therefore, perhaps even more important for church leaders as we seek to demonstrate how to engage with a post-christian culture.

I have found, through completing my theology degree, that I am best at thinking about things when I have been given something to write about (nothing gets the old grey matter working like an assessment!). This is where this blog comes in – I have started it to give me somewhere to write about the things that I read, watch and play – hoping that having an outlet for my thoughts will cause me to think deeper and more carefully about those things.

Whilst this blog is a personal blog, there is a few things it is not: Its not a daily diary of my life, or of my Family. In fact, my wife and kids will rarely be mentioned here – not because they are an unimportant part of my life – they are incredibly important, and it is because of that that I’m not going to be sharing every funny and precious little thing they say – they’re mine. Its also not trying to be deep or original – thousands of people will have had these thoughts before me and will have expressed them better and more clearly.

So – welcome to my head! I know its a little bit scary and empty in here, but hopefully it will fill up with thoughts, ideas and reflections on the books I read, the films I watch and the games I play. All of these thoughts will be from an unashamedly Christ-centred worldwide. These are my thoughts, and I reserve the right to change my mind and most importantly…. to be wrong!


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