Why ‘Not Very Reverend’?

So getting to complete 3 years of theological education is a great blessing and a privilege. You learn a lot, you change A LOT and you mature a lot – what doesn’t change or go away is the memories of all your friends ‘back home’ who grew up with you! (Mark 6:4!) Growing up I never took myself too seriously, and was always available for a laugh. I was a joker (and occasionally bordered on being an inappropriate one!). So you can imagine it was met with a bit of a chuckle when I told a friend that I was going to be ordained by the church and would technically be a Reverend! “Doug the not very Reverend more like” she said. I of course laughed at this, but it made me think – she was absolutely right! The title of reverend has long been associated with ordained ministers of the church, but what does it really mean? If you investigate the definition of ‘reverend’ you’ll find it means ‘worthy of being revered; entitled to reverence.’ Worthy? Worthy to be revered – I don’t think so! There is one man only who is truly worthy of being revered, who is entitled to reverence. That is of course the God-man Jesus! He is the one who is worthy of reverence, and it is he whom we all should be pointing towards, not ourselves, or even other great men. Anyway, when my friend said that, I thought it would make a good title for my blog – kinda sets the tone of what you might be looking to read here!

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